BCM provides training services to students of all ages in the Boulder Valley an beyond. Training may be on an individual basis or for groups.

BCM works closely with local school districts, colleges and universities to develop “hands-on” practical out-of-school learning opportunities in all facets of production, behind and in front of the camera.

Student teams produce programs for community TV channels and web streaming.

3 thoughts on “Teaching

  1. I have a 16 year old who is interested in taking classes/workshops in filmmaking. He has asked for a video camera for Christmas. We live in Boulder and are looking for some guidance on what camera to purchase and on getting him into weekly classes and groups where he can network with other enthusiasts.. We know that the price range can be huge and until we see where this goes, we don’t want to invest thousands on one camera. Do you have any suggestions regarding both classes starting in January and on where we can get info. on the best camera for a 16 year okd beginner filmaker?

    With appreciation,
    Gina Gazvoda

    • Hi Gina – After thinking about cameras, I suggest getting a camera that uses SD cards, which you can buy off the shelf and not specialized like the sony media sticks. There are a couple JVC hard drive cameras that are reasonable in price. The JVC cameras create movies that are a more common format and not as proprietary as the sony or others. You can get them at most of the department stores like walmart, target, best buy and have fairly liberal return policies. You might want to check to see what file formats your editing programs are most compatible, which would be a factor. Let me know if you have other quesions.
      Alan O.

  2. Hey Alan,

    I hope you’re checking your messages. Could the Youth Advisory Council sign out some cameras, mikes and tripods for a couple of dates? April 26th and 29th? Let me know. And I don’t have your e-mail address. Could you me a message so I have it.

    Thanks so much!

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